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Holiday Home Safety

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The Holiday season is upon us, and for most it is a time full of joy, fellowship, and family. But the unexpected can and does happen.

So, from stopping theft to preventing fires, here are a few tips from the experts that can help keep your family safe this time of year.

Fire safety comes with the territory of the holidays. Trees and lighting can both be dangerous if not done correctly.

When selecting a real tree, be sure to buy one that is fresh. This means you should look for a fragrant tree that is a rich, deep green color. Also, the trunk should still be sticky with sap. Old trees are dry and brittle, and thus can be very flammable.

To keep your tree fresh throughout December, be sure to keep it immersed in water at all times. If needles start to fall off, give it more water!

For those with artificial trees, don't use electrical lights on metallic trees! And be sure to always turn your lights off you go to bed or leave the house.

Another fire hazard are those beautiful, twinkling lights. Every year's decorating should begin with checking light strands for cut or frayed wires.

Also, be sure that lights are used as marked. Indoor lights are for use inside only. Outdoor lights are kept outside.

Next, don't overload your outlets. Three sets of lights to an extension cord is plenty!

Another looming threat during the holidays is home burglary. Thieves prey on those that travel during this season.

To prevent thieves from targeting your home, you need to make your schedule unpredictable. That means keep your routine varied. Come home randomly for lunch one day a week. Leave for work at different times.

And to give the appearance that someone is always home, leave on a tv or use lights that are on timers.

Never post on social media that you'll be out of town or away from your house for extended periods of time.

And as added measures of security, consider installing an alarm system, or having a house-sitter stay at your home or check on it periodically during your vacation.

Use these tips to have a safe and merry holiday season!

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Written by Carla Hill

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